Upcoming Sarasa Concerts

We’re pleased to welcome you to the latest season of the Sarasa Chamber Music Series!

The seventeenth season of Sarasa’s Chamber Music Series promises to deliver a fascinating and varied selection of works that we hope will entice our longstanding supporters and friends, and welcome many newcomers. Musicians hailing from Europe and esteemed locals from the Boston area and beyond combine forces to present a collaborative spirit and mixture of approaches.

Sarasa’s Chamber Music Series coexists with its indispensable Outreach Program in juvenile detention centers. Generated with a similar desire to touch the lives of others, its short residencies and concerts provide much needed creative interactions with teens who have no recourse to live music in their daily life. These sessions re-establish vibrancy, confidence and hope to those who have been affected by trauma, dysfunctional home lives and suffered from severe addictions and depression. We continue to be generously supported by the Kalliopeia Foundation and the Otto and Marianne Wolman Foundation, without whom this invaluable work would be impossible. Sarasa also relies on the magnanimous donations from you, our wonderful audience and patrons. Thank you for your continued support, and here’s to an exciting season ahead!


Purcell Fantasias | Britten Phantasy Quartet, Opus 2
Thomas Vignieri, “My Mother on an Evening in Late Summer”
~ based on the poem by Mark Strand (World Premiere: Oboe, Harp, and String Quartet Version)
Barber String Quartet, Opus 11 (showcasing the original setting of his famous Adagio for Strings)
Quasi una fantasia Concert

•   Haldan Martinson and Christina Day Martinson, violins
•   Jenny Stirling, viola
•   Timothy Merton and Jennifer Morsches, cellos
•   Peggy Pearson, oboe
•   Franziska Huhn, harp
•   Aaron Engebreth, baritone

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»  8 pm Saturday, May 21, 2016
Friends Meeting House, Cambridge, MA
»  7 pm Sunday, May 22, 2016
First Parish in Concord, Concord, MA
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»  FREE Community Concert
3pm Friday, May 20, 2016; selections performed from full program
Bruce. C. Bolling Building, 2300 Washington Street, Roxbury

Recent Concerts of the 2015-2016 Season ::

        Cello Sonata in A major, Op. 69 | Violin Sonata in A minor, Op. 23, No. 4 | Trio in C minor, Op. 1, No. 3
Beethoven Sonatas and Trios

•   Christina Day Martinson, violin
•   Timothy Merton, cello
•   Maggie Cole, harpsichord

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»  8 pm Saturday, November 7, 2015
    Friends Meeting House, Cambridge, MA
»  7 pm Sunday, November 8, 2015
    First Parish in Concord, Concord, MA
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Vivaldi ‘La Folia’ | Piccinini ‘Partite variate sopra la folia aria Romanesca’
Mozart String Quartet No. 10 in C Major, K. 170 | Schubert ‘Death and the Maiden’ String Quartet
Theme and Variations ConcertLisa Binkley :: Madison, Wisconsin fiber/bead artist and teacher

•   Nurit Pacht and Pierre Joubert, violins
•   Jenny Stirling, viola
•   Timothy Merton, cello
•   Nathaniel Cox, theorbo

Sarasa’s first concert of 2016 exhibits a captivating and energetic portrayal of the classical musical form of Theme and Variations, viewed through the lens of La Folia,  a popular dance tune that originated in 15th-century Portugal.  Numerous Baroque composers (and instrumentalists) demonstrated their wizardry through its theme and multiple sets of variations.  Sarasa is delighted to compare and contrast Piccinini’s Folia for solo theorbo and the pulsating trio sonata version by Vivaldi with the inspirational Theme and Variations penned by young Mozart in his String Quartet No. 10 in C major, K. 170 and the consummate Schubert in his powerful “Death and the Maiden” String Quartet No. 14 in D minor, D. 810.

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»  8 pm Saturday, January 23, 2016
    Friends Meeting House, Cambridge, MA
»  7 pm Sunday, January 24, 2016
    First Parish in Concord, Concord, MA
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        Haydn’s ‘Seven Last Words of Christ’
Easter 2016 Concert

•   Christina Day Martinson and Jesse Irons, violins
•   Jenny Stirling, viola
•   Jennifer Morsches, cello
•   Robert Moore, narrator

For this year’s Easter weekend, Sarasa will be celebrating Joseph Haydn’s personal view of the Passion story with his Seven Last Words of Christ, Op. 51 for string quartet and narrator. While many of us are accustomed to attending a performance of J.S. Bach’s Passions according to St. John or St. Matthew during the Paschal Season, this intimate account transmits a very direct and honest light from Haydn’s understanding of human nature.  Robert Moore will join Sarasa to read the Gospel texts of this powerful story, which Haydn conjures in equal measure. Perhaps now, more than ever, live music in a community setting is a precious right for all, which can transform and help us reflect on the plight of others around the globe.

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»  8 pm Friday, March 25, 2016
    St. Matthew’s United Methodist Church, Acton, MA
»  8 pm Saturday, March 26, 2016
    Swedenborg Chapel, 50 Quincy Street, Cambridge, MA
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