Outreach Concerts and Residencies
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Many teenagers, in trouble with the law, have never been exposed to anything but a popular culture that is sending very toxic messages to our youth. They deserve better.

Sarasa’s unique outreach to incarcerated youth through our performances and residencies work to bring another view of the world to these teens. We help them see that there is more to life than they have been shown and far more beauty.

Life with genuine art can be both uplifting and enriching. We see time and again that these children are attuned to appreciating fine culture, and in many cases are starved for it without realizing the fact.

Many of these teenagers are hearing classical music for the first time; some are enraptured by it. And for some it is a step toward understanding that there is a better way to live, and that they might change their lives.

With your assistance, we try to help them with that first step. So, happily, our outreach program with juvenile offenders continues to blossom.

Sarasa was founded with the specific purpose of playing classical music for people who ordinarily do not have the opportunity to hear live performances, and make the music of composers like Bach, Haydn or Schubert speak to audiences for who are unfamiliar with it. List of outreach concerts performed.

Sarasa is a collection of seventy-five musicians who form ensembles to play in venues as diverse as:

•  Hospitals
•  Inner city schools
•  Homeless shelters
•  Elderly peoples’ homes
•  Correctional facilities for adults and youths
•  Mental health institutions

The Outreach Concert Experience

In many contexts, Sarasa encourages interaction with the audience, communicating about the instruments and the music. Often in a program, the audience reciprocates with a performance of their own.

The effect of these concerts is not just one way. Sarasa musicians derive much inspiration and pleasure from their interaction with people whose lives can be enriched by the music.

“The music was unbelievable.”    “The music made me feel positive and good about myself and good to my peers around me.”   
“Loved it!!!  Loved IT!!”   (Click here to read letters from audience members.)

       … Please help Sarasa continue these outreach concerts. Thank you!