Supporting Sarasa | Join Sarasa in making classical music accessible to wider audiences!

Our Contributors

Our heartfelt thanks to all of our supporters!

The Kalliopeia Foundation has once again been our principal outreach supporter, along with the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Amelia Peabody Foundation, the Otto and Marianne Wolman Foundation, and of course the many generous donations from individuals such as yourself. We are grateful for every contribution, however great or small.

As one teacher wrote to us after our visit to her unit: “You brought such joy and peace to our program, we are forever grateful to you for this experience.” With that in mind, we hope we can count on you as a continued supporter and member of the Sarasa family.

How You Can Help

We hear regularly from the press and others about the high quality of our music making and the wonderful atmosphere generated at our concerts. But we also need your help to spread the word about our concert series and to develop a larger audience. Why not tell your friends about our concerts and bring them along? So please contribute, and please spread the word about Sarasa.

You can help in many ways:

•  Monetary/Investment contributions
•  Musical instrument donations
•  Investing in Sarasa  [our Wishlist!]
•  Volunteers

Most importantly, tell all your friends about Sarasa! We need more people just like you to help us continue our outreach programs. If you subscribe to our newsletter, forward it to friends who might be interested. Most people come to a Sarasa concert on the recommendation of a friend or family member. If you enjoy our music and support our goals, spread the word.

Monetary/Investment Contributions

A monetary donation will aid Sarasa’s many programs. Any amount is appreciated. Sarasa uses this money to perform concerts, raise awareness, and offer instrument aid.

Please send check or money orders to Sarasa. Or, you can also donate using a credit card:

Musical Instrument Donations

If you would like to donate a musical instrument, Sarasa will make sure it gets distrubuted to a child who needs it. Contact us if you have an instrument to donate. Attend one of our public concerts and remind yourself how music can uplift a lonely child or troubled adult.

Investing in Sarasa

Sarasa’s account with Neuberger/Berman offers an easy way to contribute in a variety of ways to Sarasa. Please contact our financial advisor Randi Hyman at 212.476.5355. There are several ways of making donations:

•  Outright Gift
•  Direct Gifts of Appreciated Securities
•  Direct Gifts of Life Insurance
•  Charitable Remainder Trust
•  Charitable Lead Trust
•  Charitable Gift Annuities
•  Pooled-income Funds



Sarasa is very fortunate to have had a number of people help out at concerts. We would like to encourage anyone who has time to be on our expanding list of volunteers. Here are some future opportunities:

•  Reception catering
•  Concert set-up & post-concert cleanup
•  Pre-concert ticket & CD sales
•  Office assistance
•  Skilled accounting
•  Fundraising

If you would like to help out or if you think of other ways to contribute your skills and time, please let us know!